Tarporley Community Centre Roof & Toilets Projects
(photos below)

With the exception of Blood Donors, the Community Centre has been closed for all bookings since March 19th and the
roof replacement project and the refurbishment of the ladies and accessible toilets were planned to start in late June.

Because of the current situation regarding Covid-19, the Trustees have taken the opportunity to commence the projects
early on Friday May 22nd and, assuming the projects and lockdown go to plan, we hope to complete by the end of July,
a full month earlier than the original schedule.

We are grateful to our main grant providers, FCC Communities Foundation - (for full Press Release please click here)
and The National Lottery - (for full Press Release please click here) plus all of the other organisations who have made generous contributions. They include the Bernard Sunley Foundation, the Garfield Weston foundation, the Holroyd Foundation, the Lord Leverhulme Charitable Trust, the Parish Council, Councillor Moore-Dutton (member's grant), TarpFEST and members of the public, many of whom bought a tile (or more) and took part in raffles. We also received generous donations from several of our user groups including Bellringers, Flower Club, Tarporley Amateur Dramatic Society, Tarporley Rotary Club, Tarporley U3A and The Arts Society Tarporley.

The work will be carried out by Team Roundhouse Ltd of Kingsley and social distancing will be practiced throughout the work in accordance with Government guidelines. The roof project is being advised by Scott Architecture of Norley.
One consequence of the project is that a part of our car park will be unavailable for public use while work is ongoing.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Tarporley Community Centre as soon as possible.

More details on the funding of the projects

The roof project is being partly funded by a grant of £37,530 from the FCC Communities Foundation and that will purchase the roof tiles and associated roofing materials.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit business that awards grants for community, conservation and heritage projects through the Landfill Communities Fund and since 1998 have awarded £200m to more than 7,000 projects which benefit people living within 10 miles of an FCC Environment landfill site. - for full Press Release please click here

National Lottery
The Trustees are pleased to announce that they have been successful in obtaining a grant of £43,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund towards refurbishing the main Ladies and Accessible toilets together with support for the roof project. This refurbishment will bring the toilets up to modern standards making them pleasant to use and fit for purpose for many years to come.

The work will be undertaken at the same time as the roof and will be carried out by Team Roundhouse Ltd of Kingsley and should be completed by the end of July. All Government guidelines on social distancing etc. will be adhered to.
Part of their grant is to cover unexpected costs that may crop up once the old roof is replaced.

The National Lottery Community Fund distributes money raised by National Lottery players for good causes and is the largest community funder in the UK awarding money to communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since June 2004, over 200,000 grants and over £9 billion has been awarded to projects that have benefited millions of people - for full Press Release please click here

Sources of funding - Roof £K
Bellringers 0.20
Bernard Sunley Foundation 5.00 ....... note 1
Carnival 0.50
Cllr Moore Dutton - Members Grant 1.00 ....... Facebook
FCC grant 37.50 ....... see above
Flower Club 0.25
Garfield Weston 10.00 ....... note 2
Holroyd Foundation 5.00 ....... note 3
Lord Leverhulme Charitable Trust 1.00 ....... note 4
National Lottery Community Fund 10.60 ....... see above
TarpFEST 2.00 ....... Twitter
Tarporley Amateur Dramatic Society 1.15 ....... website
Tarporley Parish Council 10.00 ....... website
Tarporley Rotary Club 5.00 ....... website
Tarporley U3A 5.00 ....... website
The Arts Society Tarporley 5.00 ....... website
Public donations :
- - Local cheques & cash donations, raffle 3.70
- - Just Giving 0.19
- - Give.net 0.79

Funding Sources -Toilets £K
National Lottery Community Fund - Refurbishment 27.15 + Plumb/electric prep work 4.7


  1. Bernard Sunley Foundation - We are a family grant making foundation which supports charities in England and Wales working to raise the quality of life and provide greater opportunities for the young, the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged. The Foundation has awarded over £118 million in grants since it was established in 1960. Each year we give just over £3.5 million to capital projects that deliver a real community focus or provide facilities to support those in need. (website)
  2. Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded, charitable grant-making foundation, which supports a wide range of causes across the UK, donating over £80 million annually.  It was established in 1958 by the Weston family and is one of the largest and most respected charitable institutions in the UK which has donated over £1 billion in total.  The Trustees are descendants of the founder and the Weston family continues to take a highly active and hands-on approach. (website)
  3. The Holroyd Foundation seeks to promote health, welfare, education and opportunity with particular emphasis on young people (website).
  4. Lord Leverhulme's Charitable Trust gives priority to applications from Cheshire, Merseyside and South Lancashire and the charities supported by the settlor in his lifetime. (website)



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