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Terms & Conditions for the hire of Tarporley Community Centre

Please note that for the foreseeable future, COVID-19 restrictions will impact on the T&Cs below.
The latest Supplemental T&Cs can be found on our News page and they are a condition of booking.

The Tarporley and District Community Centre and Recreation Ground Charity no 1040034 is managed by Trustees referred to in these Terms and Conditions as the "Management Committee".
To contact the Management Committee, please email :

1. Bookings and reservations

This Website enables the Hirer to make a provisional reservation for the Event(s). Additional information such as supervision arrangements, insurance details, CRB clearances, ADIPs certificates and food and hygiene certificates will be requested. When this has been received and checked, and the payment received, the reservation will be upgraded to a firm booking. The Website will send you email reminders of what is required. We regret that if this information and payment is not received within a reasonable time before the Event, the provisional reservation will be cancelled. The minimum booking period for all our rooms is 1 hour.

2. Payment

Bookings may be made on-line and paid for by debit card or credit card on the website at the time of booking. If an organisation cannot pay on-line, they may contact the Management Committee by email and request the booking to be made on their behalf. They will subsequently be invoiced by email and can pay by cheque or BACs .

Account users do not pay on-line but are invoiced monthly. However, they are expected to conform with our Credit control and payment terms and conditions, which are made available to Account users and are based on payment being received within 30 days of the invoice date. Failure to comply with these conditions may eventually lead to the Account user status being revoked, which results in the loss of any long-term bookings and the need to pay on-line (in advance) for future bookings, which are only available on the shorter (public) calendar.

Cheques should be mailed to the Treasurer c/o Tarporley Community Centre, High St, Tarporley, CW6 0AY or payments can be made by BACs using the following bank account details: HSBC : Sort Code 40-44-03 Account Number 20799513. Please quote your invoice number when making payment.

3. Account User Status

Hirers who have booked events regularly over a period of time, paid in full and adhered to the conditions of hire may be offered Account User status. Such Hirers are subject only to annual checks on insurance etc., can make firm bookings, and are invoiced monthly, in arrears by the Treasurer. They also have access to a much longer calendar but must only book their pre-agreed room, days and times. Bookings for other days and times may be available but must first be agreed with the Management Committee

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4. Event supervision requirements

The event must be supervised throughout by a sufficient number of adults over the age of 25 to safely control the activities. A minimum of one supervisor is required for each 50 persons attending, or part thereof. For events involving a majority of children, young persons or vulnerable adults, the above minimum requirements is increased by one person.

The Management Committee will not allow any social event such as a party, when it involves teenagers or young persons and they are not accompanied by their parents.

With the exception of regular events for which the Management Committee has given consent, entrance to all Events must be controlled at the door and strictly limited to individuals with written invitations or tickets. Gate-crashers should be deterred . The cost of any damage caused to Tarporley Community Centre by the above not being adhered to, will be recovered from the Event organisers.

5. Set up time, over-running of hire period

The Hirer may enter the Community Centre before the event start time, provided this does not interfere with other Events in progress. Similarly, the Hirer may remain after the event finish time, provided this does not interfere with other Events in progress or extend beyond the licensed closing time. To guarantee set up and clear away time the additional time must be booked and paid for at the full rate.

6. Cancellation by the Hirer

If the Hirer cancels for any reason without giving the Management Committee a minimum of 24 hours notice, the hire fee shall be payable. If the Hirer cancels more than 24 hours before the event, the Management Committee will consider the reasons and decide if the hiring fee shall be payable.

However, Account users are able to cancel bookings at any time prior to the event start time without incurring a charge.

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7. Cancellation by the Management Committee

The Management Committee reserves the right to cancel this hiring in the event of:

  • the premises being required for use as a Polling Station for an election or by-election
  • use of the premises as an Emergency Rest Centre for disaster survivors or evacuees.
  • the Government or local authority advises that the Centre be closed on grounds of public health or emergency
  • the premises becoming unfit for the use intended by the Hirer or essential maintenance is planned
  • the field being water logged

The Hirer shall be entitled to a refund of any fee already paid, but the Management Committee shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting direct or indirect loss or damages whatsoever.

8. Security of keys

Loss of a key to the main entrance door means that all the issued keys and the lock must be replaced by the Management Committee at a cost of £500, to satisfy insurance requirements. A charge of £25 will be levied for each key not returned as previously agreed. Arrangements for key issue will be advised by the Management Committee following completion of the booking. Keys must be returned to the secure key drop in the front door immediately after the end of the event.

9. Licensing Act 2003

The Tarporley & District Community Centre Licence under the Licensing Act 2003 permits the performance of plays, films, live music, recorded music, performance of dance, making music, dancing and similar activities between 5pm to 12pm Monday to Saturday and 2pm to 10.30pm on Sunday.
Some forms of gaming such as bingo or race nights are allowed but it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the Event conforms with the Gambling Act 2005.
Events involving other types of activity or times are not permitted.

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10. Sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs

Tarporley & District Community Centre does NOT have a licence to sell alcohol on the premises.

A very limited number of Temporary Event Notices (TENs) are approved each year by Cheshire West and Chester Council to allow Hirers to sell alcoholic drinks in the Community Centre. However, all of these TENs are used by local charities and organisations and approval must first be obtained from the Management Committee before an application is made to the Council.

For the avoidance of doubt note that a Personal Licence such as is held by a Barman is NOT a substitute for a Temporary Event Notice. If you wish to sell alcohol, please contact the Management Committee before making a reservation. If the Hirer applies for or obtains a Temporary Event Notice without Management Committee consent, the reservation will be cancelled.

In the absence of a Temporary Event Notice, alcoholic beverages must only be consumed by persons who bring their own supplies to the event (so called "bring your own" basis). It is a criminal offence to permit drunkenness or disorderly behaviour or to permit persons under the age of 18 to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. When events are organised for or on behalf of children or teenagers, the sale or consumption of alcohol will not be allowed.

The Hirer shall not permit the excessive consumption of alcohol at the Event, whether inside the building, the immediate vicinity or on the field. Alcoholic beverages shall not be served to or consumed by any person suspected of being intoxicated. Any person suspected of being intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or who is behaving in a violent or disorderly way shall be asked by the Hirer to leave the Event.  The Hirer shall not permit illegal drugs to be brought into the Event, whether inside the building, the immediate vicinity or on the field.

The local police monitor bookings and routinely pay visits to check compliance with the Licensing Act 2003.

11. Music licenses

The Management Committee has a PRS for Music licence (protecting songwriters, composers & publishers) and a PPL licence (protecting record companies and performers) which together permit the playing & performance of copyright music in the building. Hirers performing plays must obtain a performing rights licence for each play. Hirers showing films must obtain a Single Title Screening Licence for each film.

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12. Public Liability Insurance required by Hirer

The Management Committee is responsible for providing a safe place and a safe field to hold events and has arranged £5 million of Public Liability Insurance which indemnifies the Management Committee in the event of a claim for damages arising from the Management Committee's negligence.

The Hirer is responsible for the safety of all persons present at the event, including organisers, performers, and the public. The Hirer shall have in force at the date and time of the event, Public Liability Insurance which indemnifies the Hirer and the Management Committee in the event of a claim for damages arising from the Event.

The Hirer as named in the PLI Insurance Certificate shall be present at the event. The Hirer shall ensure that all Third Parties hired in for the event (examples being bands, performers, acts) have in force at the date and time of the event, Public Liability Insurance which indemnifies the Hirer and the Management Committee in the event of a claim for damages arising from the Event. The Third Parties as named in the PLI Insurance Certificates must be present at the event.

13. Play devices including bouncy castles

Trampolines are not allowed in any room and due to height constraints, bouncy castles may only be hired for use in the Main hall.
In the case of play devices, which include bouncy castles, the provider of the device must have at least £5 million of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and the device must be certified under an appropriate scheme.
The schemes which we recognise are PIPA, ADIPS and RPII and any inflatable device which is more than 12 months old, must carry an appropriate certificate – if it does not we cannot allow it to be used at TCC. The safety certificate details must be entered on-line on our booking website prior to confirmation of the booking.

Please be aware that most provider’s PLI covers the PROVIDER against damage or injury caused by unsafe or improper set-up, or faulty equipment. It does not protect you the HIRER against injury, damage or loss caused through either negligent use, or altering any aspect of the set-up after delivery, or through normal use where accidents may occur. The HIRER must follow the instructions in our on-line guide at :
Furthermore, our insurance policies at TCC exclude the use of play devices, so if you have concerns about the insurance cover, please take out appropriate insurance for the event.

14. Protection of children, young persons and vulnerable adults

The organiser of Event(s) for children, young persons or vulnerable adults must enter their CRB / DBS details on the website. The name of the person, clearance certificate number and date are required. The person named in the certificate must be present at the event(s). This paragraph does not apply to private parties or other events where parents are present to supervise.

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15. Catering requirements

If the Hirer is serving cooked food to the public, the Hirer must have at least one Food & Hygiene qualified person supervising all stages of the preparation.
If a commercial caterer is being used, they must have Public Liability Insurance and the staff must have food and hygiene certificates.
The serving of tea, coffee, cold drinks & biscuits is excluded from these requirements but good hygiene practice must be followed.

16. Fire safety and reporting of fires

The Hirer is responsible for the safety of the public attending the Event and informing all present of the action to be taken in the event of fire or the fire alarms sounding. The Hirer shall be familiar with the location of emergency exits, fire extinguishers and fire alarm manual call points. The Hirer shall ensure that emergency exit routes are accessible and free from obstruction and that fire doors are not left wedged open.

For larger events it is recommended that the organiser appoints one or more fire marshals responsible for evacuation of all persons in the building. In case of fire activate a manual call point, evacuate all persons from the building, call the emergency services and report what has happened. The same procedure applies if the fire alarms are activated. Details for calling the emergency services are given on notices posted in the main foyer and the Craven Room east vestibule. The event organisers (and fire marshals) are responsible for making sure that everybody leaves the building and must either perform a roll call or check all areas in use including toilets, kitchens etc., If users are present in other areas of the building they must also be evacuated.

The trustees must be informed using the emergency contact number nnnnnnnnnnnn and the incident reported in one or other of the Fire Report books located in wall mounted boxes in the main hall kitchen and Craven Room kitchen

The event organisers may, if they consider it safe to do so, re-enter the building to check for a source of fire. The fire alarm control panels are located in the main hall foyer and the Craven Room east vestibule and are accompanied by zone maps and silencing instructions. If no source is found the organisers may break the glass on the box adjacent to the control box and silence the alarm.. The control panel cannot be reset until the activation cause has been found and the trustees will arrange for a competent person to attend. If the event organisers are convinced that the alarm is false they may then permit users to re-enter but a fire watch must be kept in all parts of the building.

No flammable or explosive substances such as candles, fire works, theatrical smoke generators or LPG cylinders shall be brought into, stored or used on the premises. No combustible materials (including decorations) shall be erected or stored near lighting fittings or sources of heat.

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17. Accidents and injuries and requirements for reporting

In case of injury First Aid boxes are located in the main kitchen, the Arthur Meredith Room kitchen and the Craven Room kitchen. They are regularly checked and replenished by the trustees. The trustees must be informed of accidents and injuries using the emergency contact number nnnnnnnnnn and the details entered in one or other of the ROSPA accident log books located in wall mounted boxes in the main hall kitchen and Craven Room kitchen . If the emergency services are required details for contacting them are given on notices posted in the main foyer and the Craven Room east vestibule. If the accident or injury is serious then it must be reported in accordance with RIDDOR regulations, details are given in the H&S policy displayed in the main hall kitchen and the Craven Room east vestibule. The reports are made on line at:

18. Salting of access routes in frosty weather

Under freezing conditions hirers are required to apply salt to all the access routes not salted by the Parish Council. This applies (but is not limited to) to the approaches to the front door, the approaches to the Craven Room door and the Arthur Meredith room external steps. A supply of salt is kept in the yellow bin positioned against the outside north wall of the building and hand shovels are kept in the foyer and Craven Room cleaner's stores. The salt bin is replenished by the Parish Council and is regularly checked by the Trustees .  

19. Use and Care of the premises

The Hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose other than that described in the website application, shall not sub-hire the premises, or allow the premises to be used for any unlawful purpose. The Hirer is responsible for care of the premises, fixtures, fittings and contents and shall make good or pay for all damage, including wilful or accidental damage or losses.

20. The Stage

The Main hall stage is for the sole use of performers and speakers. Members of the public attending the Event are not permitted to access the stage and the Management Committee will not be held responsible for any injury due to unauthorised access to the stage.

21. Tidying up afterwards

The Hirer shall leave the premises in a safe and tidy state at the end of each hire period. This involves re-stacking chairs (max 4 high) and tables, washing up kitchen ware, crockery and cutlery, mopping up any spills, vacuuming and sweeping floors, turning off and unplugging all electrical equipment (especially kettles and water boilers), shutting off water taps, closing and securing windows, turning off all lights, shutting fire exits, locking external doors, and clearing away rubbish to the large bin in the car park. All temporary fixtures, fittings, decorations, blue tack, sellotape and marks on walls must be removed.

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22. Car Parking

The Hirer is requested to check that the public attending the Event(s) park in the marked places, and that the public highway is not obstructed. Emergency vehicles access to the building must not be obstructed. Parking is limited to 3 hour with no return within 1 hour but in some circumstances, we may be able to issue day passes when required.

23. Loss or damage to personal effects

The Management Committee will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to personal possessions or equipment belonging to the Hirer or by persons attending the event(s).

24. Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment which is plugged into the mains must be equipped with a valid Portable Electrical Appliance Test (PAT) Certificate. Such certificates may be obtained from most qualified electricians.

25. Heating

The heating is controlled by Danfloss Programmers located in the foyer ladies toilet (controlling the ladies and accessible toilets), Committee room (controlling the rest of the foyer area), Main hall (controlling the main hall and stage area) and Craven Room (controlling the Craven Room and the upstairs Arthur Meredith room). The time and temperature settings are updated each Sunday for the following week and the programmers locked. The heating is reduced to 10C if the building is not in use for a significant period. If you wish the settings to be changed contact the Trustees. Hirers are requested not to shut off or adjust radiators under any circumstances.

26. Playing Field

The playing field may be hired during the hours of daylight for football and fitness classes. The Hirer must discuss use of the field for any other purpose with the Management Committee before attempting to make a booking.
Flying drones is not permitted.
Goal posts must comply with the FA guidelines and be removed after the game. .
A minimum hire period of 2 hours applies to football matches.
Public Liability Insurance is required for all events on the Playing Field.
No public address system or the playing of music is allowed without the permission of the Management Committee.
Bookings may have to be cancelled if the field is waterlogged - this is at the discretion of the Management Committee and the Committee will not accept liability for financial loss in the event of cancellation.

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