Use of Bouncy Castles at Tarporley Community Centre

This is intended as a guide and is not intended to replace any instructions provided by the equipment supplier.

If you do hire a bouncy castle, you must obtain details of the provider's PLI and the castle safety certification.
(PLI = Public Liability Insurance and safety schemes PIPA, ADIPS & RPII - inflatable devices older than 1 year must carry an appropriate certificate)

Bouncy castles are fun but their use can be hazardous - please follow these simple steps to help prevent accidents.
If users fail to follow these guidelines, we may have to ban bouncy castles from the Community Centre.

1. Provider and Location

Due to height constraints, bouncy castles are only allowed in the Main hall.
(The height to underside of side beams 2.68m  /  flood lights 3.53m  /  suggest castle height - max of around 3.0m)
The equipment must be hired from a reputable hire company which fully complies with the safe use and operation of bouncy castles guidance issued by the PIPA Inflatable Play Inspector Scheme.
The company must provide written instructions about the safe setting up, operation and supervision of the equipment.
The bouncy castle must be situated at least 1.8m (2 large adult paces) away from any walls or columns which would be dangerous should a child fall onto them.

2. Adult supervision at all times

All bouncy castles must be supervised at ALL times by a responsible adult, to ensure that the guidance given below is adhered to.
Most accidents can be prevented by effective adult supervision and supervision means watching constantly and not just being in the area.

3. Similar size users only

If there is a range of different ages or sizes of children, it is essential that ONLY children of similar sizes and ages use the unit at the same time. The smaller child very often comes off worse if they should bump into each other.

4. No somersaults or rough play

The most common cause of accidents on bouncy castles is down to somersaulting, rough play or wrestling.
Children must be informed that they must not push other children off the inflatable.
If it is a flatbed, this is especially important so as to avoid broken arms and legs.
If the castle is of the walled type, then children must not be allowed to climb on the walls or bounce against the walls and crash into one another – this causes collision injuries most commonly to heads, noses etc.
Users must be informed before using the castle that this is not permitted and if it does occur, the responsible adult must stop it happening immediately.

5. Remove any potentially dangerous objects

Ensure users remove potentially dangerous objects such as sharp items, jewellery, buckles, shoes etc.
If spectacles must necessarily be worn then they should be secured so that they will not fall off.
Food, drink, chewing gum, bottles etc must NOT be taken onto the Bouncy Castle.
Footwear (but not socks) must be removed.

6. No adults or overcrowding

If you hire a child’s bouncy castle, then adults and teens MUST keep off it. The material used to build children’s castles is typically much thinner than that of an adult unit and so there is a good reason why units are classed as ‘not suitable for adults’.
Ensure the castle doesn’t exceed the maximum number of children allowed - your provider will advise you of what the number is.

7. Public Liability Insurance and Accepting Liability

When hiring a bouncy castle ensure that the provider carries a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance – ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate. Please note - our insurance at Tarporley Community Centre does not cover the use of bouncy castles.

On the day of your booking, the equipment provider will ask you to sign a terms and conditions agreement.
This will state that YOU and NOT the company are liable for any incidents or injuries made whilst the unit is supplied to you.
YOU are accepting liability should an incident occur, therefore, YOU need to ensure the users abide by the terms and conditions as any injury claims could be made against YOU.

You may wish to take out appropriate insurance for your event.

Useful Links :

ROSPA Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents
PIPA Inspection scheme for inflatable play equipment


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