Important information for one-off and new, regular users

Tarporley Community Centre (TCC) is a Charitable Trust and is run by a committee of unpaid volunteers who care for the buildings and ensure that use complies with current legislative requirements. Nearly all income is derived from room and field booking fees.

A detailed description of our 4 rooms with photos and costs can be found on our website :
We do not have a licence for the sale of alcohol but we are allowed a very limited number of TENs which do allow its sale.
However, these are usually reserved for charities or fund-raisers (please enquire before applying to CW&C).
Hot food can be provided by a commercial caterer or a person with a Food & Hygiene certificate.

To save time, we operate an on-line booking system which is run on our behalf by VillageVenue and one-off bookings are paid for on-line.
Both one-off and regular users must make
their own bookings by logging on to the booking website.
The website also displays the dates and times when rooms are available to book.

For one-off bookings, please see our guide :

A new user who requires regular weekly or monthly bookings must first agree a day, time and room for their bookings (a slot) by emailing :

Please include details of what the class entails.
New users are expected to make & pay on-line for initial bookings - a booking will not complete without successful payment by debit or credit card. The user will then be invited to TCC at a mutually convenient time to collect a key and be advised on safety and other procedures.

Please note - most classes and events require PLI (Public Liability Insurance)
and some may require CRB / DBS certification if children or vulnerable adults are present without parents or carers.

Once new regular users become established  e.g. after the first half-term, they will usually be made Account users which means that they are invoiced in arrears at the end of each month but Account users still need to make their own bookings on-line.

Account users also have the advantage of being able to book at least 1 year in advance but if they don't book at least 6 months ahead, they are at risk of losing their slots to public bookings.
Once a public booking has been made and paid for, we cannot cancel it, even if the Account holder "owns" that slot.
On the other hand, an Account user may cancel a booking at any time up to the booking start time, without incurring any charges.
We will guarantee an Account user's slots but only if they book ahead for at least 6 months.

Several on-line help guides are also available.

To book a room :

For help with Account bookings :

To add details later  e.g. PLI :

To read our terms & conditions :


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